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Sudershan Measuring & Engg (P) Ltd. is a reputed importer and supplier of measuring instruments and testing instruments and offer Products in their Registered Brand of "PRECISE" like Dial Gauge, Sound Level Meter, Wood Moisture Meter, Digital Caliper, Coating Thickness Gauges, etc. All Measuring & Testing Instruments with a brand name of PRECISE comes with 6 Months Product Guarantee (without abuse), for one to have more confidence in the products. With engineering background, the company is able to understand the technical details of the products and offer better qualities. 

About Us

Testing and measuring equipments are necessary for manufacturing quality products; and with rapid advancement in the manufacturing industry, new types of testing equipments and fine tools are being introduced every now and then. Sudershan Measuring & Engg (P) Ltd. is a reputed importer and supplier of Measuring Instruments & Testing Instruments like Metal Tardness Testers, Coating Gauges, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Glon Meter, Gloss Meter and Cutting Tools to meet varied industrial applications. We supply our products to the automotive industry and for various tool room purposes.

Nearly 80% of our products are imported from overseas markets. Ever since our inception in the year 1970, we have been supplying superior quality products at the best rates to our customers. Our long years of experience in the field has enabled us to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry and its changing requirements. Well versed in the import procedures, we ensure hassle free deliveries to our customers.

Product Range

Sudershan Measuring & Engg (P) Ltd. is a reputed importer and supplier of the following broad range of  products:
  • Measuring Instruments
    • Vernier Calipers
    • Dial Verniers
    • Digimatic Verniers
    • Micrometers
    • Digimatic Micrometers
    • Adjustable Micrometers
    • Inside Micrometers
    • Height Gauge
    • Dial Height Gauge
    • Digimatic Height Gauge
    • Dial Indicators
    • Digimatic Indicators
    • Pin Gauge Box
  • NDT Instruments
    • Coating Gauges
    • Ultrasonic thickness Gauges
    • Gloss Meters
    • Roughness Testers
  • Testing Instruments
    • Coating Thickness Gauges
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
    • Sound Level Meter
    • Force gauges
    • Anemometer
    • Vibration  Meter
    • Rubber Hardness Tester
    • Digital Metal Hardness Tester
  • Cutting Tools
    • Threading Taps
    • Threading Dies
    • Threading Chasers
    • Thread Plug & Ring Gauges
  • Milling Accessories
    • Milling Collets
    • CNC Milling Collets and Adopters
    • Milling Vices
    • Surface Grinding Vices
    • Clamping Kits
  • Diamond Wheels & Tools
    • Electroplated Diamond Wheels
    • Resin Bond Diamond Wheels
    • CBN Wheels
    • Metal Bond Diamond Wheels

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